The Issues


    Everyone deserves affordable healthcare. “Whether you live, or die should not be based upon how much money you have”.  Rhonda Seltz has earned state-wide recognition for her tireless efforts that have improved access to healthcare in Virginia.

    If elected, Rhonda will sponsor and support legislation that will allow all Virginians access to quality and comprehensive healthcare including mental health, addiction and oral health services. While the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has helped many of our friends and family, others were hurt by the policy. Rhonda will work to create a state insurance exchange to replace the federal marketplace which will provide more affordable options for coverage.  

Livable Wages:

    Hard working people in Virginia working full-time jobs should not be living in poverty. Current minimum wage does not allow individuals to “live” without having to rely on public benefits.  Rhonda will support legislation that will raise the minimum wage and lower healthcare costs for employers, so employers can afford to raise workers’ wages. Increased wages will provide a much needed boost to Virginia’s economy.

Early Childhood Education:

    Early childhood education is our greatest investment in the future and saves tax payers billions of dollars. Research has demonstrated that children who do not receive quality education in their first three years during critical brain development, become at risk of dropping out of school, drug use, teen pregnancy and incarceration. Rhonda has been an active member of New River Valley’s Head Start and Child Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) committees for almost 20 years. If elected Rhonda will support increased funding that will allow all children access to quality early childhood education and home visiting programs that promote healthy parenting. 

The Environment:

I am opposed to projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).  Not only do these projects prolong our dependence on fossil fuels, but the construction of the MVP has proceeded with little to no regard for the surrounding properties and communities in its path, it is inflicting serious damage to our forests and streams, and it will provide no long-term benefits to this region, economically or otherwise.  This blatant neglect of clean water and healthy forests sets a dangerous precedence that cannot become the standard for future large-scale projects.   The 7th District and the Commonwealth as a whole are blessed with an abundance of forests, rivers, and farmland.  These are critical resources that we must protect for our benefit and the benefit of future generations by transitioning to green, renewable energy, keeping working lands working, and promoting policies that ensure the health of our forests and water.